Fade out MC with button // my code

on (release){
_root.drew._visible =false;

above is my code which i m using to try and fade out a MC when a button is pressed. The button (and the picture it shows when pressed) are within the same MC. I have placed this MC onthe root timeline and givene the MC i want to fade out the instance name drew // but still not having any luck making invisible. Ideas?? Thanks

how would i write this code

if (_root.drew._alpha=100) {
	_root.drew.onEnterFrame = function() {
		_root.drew._alpha -= 15;
} else {
	delete _root.drew.onEnterFrame;

to use it on a frame with a fade in on entry of a frame that is loadign a external swf and then have it fade out when leaving the frame?

THANKS! :slight_smile: