Loading swfs, Alpha Effect Fade In/Out

I have looked and looked for some code or tutorials on this…but have been unsuccessful.

Here is how I have set up a site I am building…real basic I know.

Level 0 - Main Navigation - contains background images, nav, etc
Level 1 - Subpages - (loaded ontop of Level 0) - some of which contain actions to fire other swfs that are loaded onto Level 2 and above (such as scrolling text boxes).

So Here’s my question…when you use the load movie command…in this case, I am using buttons on my main nav (level 0) to fire the load movie command for subpage swfs located on level 1…is there a script that I can write that would make the level 1 swf fade (dissolve) on using the _alpha command instead of just appearing (from thin air…like a cut in videospeak)???. Is there a way to create a similar transition for unloading the swf as well? Can you tell that I come from a video background and not coding???

Help me please. Thanks.

Why not make that directly in the clip you’re loading ? It should be easier.

pom 0]

yeah… that’s tough… I’d say that Pom is on the mark.

Create the fading effect in the movie itself so that it performs this before reaching the loadMovie(); command.