Fading picture

hi hi

thank for the help last time

i would like to get help from you guys again
does anyone know how to make a picture fade away

from pic to no pic
from no pic to pic

thanks i am still very new on this program

you could convert the picture to a MC, and place AS on the MC:

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
if(this._alpha >= 0) {
this._alpha -=5;

thats just one of many ways to do it..

If ur new to Flash and Action script, u can convert ur pic to graphic if u want. (Both of 'em 'll work)

After u convert them to graphic object:

  1. go to the timeline and insert a keyframe
  2. On your new keyframe make sure ur object is selected
  3. And on the properties panel there is an alpha slider, set them what ever percent you want
  4. After that just Create Motion Tween

Hope that help!