Falling Snow Tutorial

Hi, I’ve just followed the Falling Snow tutorial and am really pleased with it :slight_smile:

Is there any way to make the snow fall behind other elements on the stage, sort of like you’re looking through a window to the snow out side??

Any help would be appreciated, I tried just dragging the layer to the bottom haha!, would have been nice.



You might want to take a look at the swapDepths function. Tute on this site.

pom :slight_smile:

in order to do the window thing I think you would have to make a mask that is the size of the window and then mask the layer that contains the falling snow…

don’t listen to Jubby!!

hehe, I tried the swapdepths thing without much success, in fact without any success so I tried out Jubbys way with even less success titter

Still haha, not to worry, This project is driving me completely insane in a mad sort of giggling all the time way so anyway back to the old drawing board,

albatross anyone?


Well… if I recall correctly… that tutorial wasn’t for Flash at all.

It was a Javascript thing right?

If that is the case… You will have to change the layer order of your HTML.

Problem with that: Netscape and IE use two different layer methods… use one, and it won’t work in the other. So you have to write like a mile long script telling the browser that if its netscape write it as layer tags and if it is IE then write it as div tags.

It is an incredible pain in the arse… so I suggest/recommend just leaving it on top of everything.

What did you try exactly?

And Lost, I don’t understand what you’re talking about… Am I going :crazy: ?

There are two falling snow tutorials :slight_smile: My mistake - should have named them differently. I didn’t even know I had the old Falling Snow flash tutorial until I checked it out today hehe. The two tutorials can be found in the top two searches: http://search.atomz.com/search/?sp-advanced=1&sp-q=snow&B1=search&sp-a=00040c2f-sp00000000&sp-w-control=1;

Kirupa :bandit:

lol I wasn’t exactly sure what they were talking about…

Oh… “my bad” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ceci explique celà…:cowboy: