Fancy html page!

Hey guys, i was just wondering if someone can help me create a really nice look on html page.

This is what i mean, pls visit this link frist !!

How would i go, by trying to do something like this, ive seen it in a few sites, and i think it gives it a real classy look!


Umm, thats a Flash page, not an HTML page.

Like dave, i also would like to know how the dude who created crucial limits did the the layout to his website , i know that the middle is a flash page, and the sides are htmls, but is that all there is to it, so he’s just used a frameset?

another question i would like to ask is more a flash related question and i was just wondering how the flash movie in the middle frame starts off as a background, with the orange and borders and then loads the main swf. Would this be a base swf and then a load movie with a preloader??

Any help would be appreciated, thanx

You can use framesets or intricut (sp?) tables, either way will work.

And yes, when he loads his content it is most likely that his loaded movie contains the preloader. So his movie comes in, preloads, and finishes out the animation then shows the content.