Linking to HTML Frames

I’m making a flash menu, that plays an introduction to the webpage from the banner/menu. I need to use HTML frames, because if I don’t, and I use the getURL action and create a html page with the flash in the correct position, the beginning of the flash will play each time a menu button is clicked.

If you didn’t understand what I just said, because I communicated it wrong, here’s what I have:

The Flash Banner/Menu

Please help!

instead of using frames, have you tried to load the needed info as .swf’s in different levels? :slight_smile:

Also, the menu takes forever to load:(


Ty for responding Rev.

I’m trying to avoid doing the whole webpage in Flash, I simply want the bottom of the screen to load the different sections of the webpage, that are already existant.

Also, thank you for your input on the loading of the page, as I’m sure you know, music makes the swf much larger, and I think the problem may be your ISP (I’m assuming dial-up), and the fact that the whole .swf is 3mb. I’ll try lowering the bit rate of the music next time I publish the flash. I don’t think it’s a huge problem, however, just based on the demographic of the user who would view the site. It’s a site for an on-line gaming team, and the majority of on-line gamers, (at least from my experience in this game’s community) are broadband users.

I know there are alot of sites out there with pull down menus like this one that simply change HTML frames with the corresponding menu item, but I do not know the code or method needed to accomplish this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey, i think i know what you are trying to do.
go to this site here, and then tell me if this is what u want, then ill explain to u later!!

Its a crapy site, but i think thats what ur after!!

One thing, though, it does take a while to load, maybe u should conisder putting in a preloader broadband or dial up i think it will be better!

The site above has been done by using Flash and Dreamweaver.
I have used a frameset!
The frameset on the top holds the flash swf, the frameset in the middle holdds html from dreamweaver as well as the bottom frame, the footer!

If this is what u want, drop us a line, and i will help u out!!


Dave, that’s exactly what I want to do…How do you link your buttons to go the HTML coding in the middle?

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3Mb is huge…

I am on a very fast (1.5 MB) connection, and if I am visiting a site that makes me wait that long, I go somewhere else…:bandit:

But that is my web-surfing style…maybe your clients will be more patient…:-\


I don’t know if u have been posted the code for the frames yet, but there is a tutorial of just such a thing in this site…

the link is:

Thank you much vasash. Dave tried to help, but I think theres a time zone issue. I was looking for a tutorial for exactly that, however, I couldn’t seem to find it. TYVM!!

I’ve loaded the page on 56k at friends computers nearby, and it doesn’t take that long to load. I’m an american, and my host is here in the states. My browsers are also Americans. Maybe that’s the problem? I dunno.