FAQ for Newbies? (renamed)


As a ‘Newbie’ myself (with just enough knowledge to occasionally help some of those that are more Newbie-esque than me), I have found vast amounts of help here a Kirupa and read all posts in Flash8 forum just about everyday.
I see questions ranging from Extreme, like Particle Elasticity (way over my head) to How to use the gotoAndPlay function.

During the last 6 months of reading here, I see many of the same things over, and over - particularly on the simple side.
So my suggestion or comment to the Kirupa is that perhaps there should be another place, other than tuts or the Flash forums, that is either a simple “Newbie Forum” or a “This is THE place to Start learning Flash” area where the most common Very Newbie answers are found - like “Hit F1 first!”.

Perhaps this has been brought up in the past - or may not even be needed, but I thought I’d at least bring the idea to your table.