Something of a n00b

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could give me some help on flash mx.

Up until now I have been a web developer, but my new job requires me to learn rather high-level flash very quickly, specifically the creation of full flash websites. Ive already got up to speed with the concepts of flash mx and am now looking into the actionscript. I am, however finding it difficult to put it all into perspective and so was wondering if anyone would know any good resource websites, specifically those with comprehensive tutorials of the complex aspects of flash interaction, flash with asp, complex dynamics and the like.

Ive already been around a lot of sites and have found Kirupa, Flashkit and the like all very helpful.

Ive noticed that the flash community are a lot less willing to share info than the html/asp/jsp communities. Im hoping that I have just been looking in the wrong places up until now :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.

i think that they’re just as willing, although there arent as many tutorials on the net as for, say, photoshop.
flashkit and kirupa are also the main ones i have found, but there are loads of different places around, just try searching for whatever you need on google.

Dude, no offense, but I think you are crazy. I have found the folks on these forums (I use primarily Kirupa and Flashkit but there are others) to be the most open and helpful community out there. I have had several questions or problems answered. Just when I am ready to bash my head through my monitor I post my fla on this site and someone takes it, fixes it, and sends it back to me with comments so that I LEARN instead of just having it done for me. Flash freaks are awesome and I hope to be one someday.

I recommend you ask specific questions instead of just looking for a general help reference.

Kirupa is definitely the best Flash resource out there.

I agree with the clown and the lunatic (hehe)! I’ve only been using Flash for about 8 months and have learned tons and tons of actionScripting, PHP, even had help in the creative aspects as well. I don’t like Flashkit’s forum very well, but this one rocks. As for interactivity (ASP, JS, PHP, CGI, ETC) check these out:
As for just regular HTML, go to Borders and get that quickstart book on it - you’ll learn what you need to learn about regular HTML in a week.