Faux Powerpoint Presentation imbeded in site

Hi all!

I’m currently working on a website where the concept is an outdated board room, you click “slideshow” and a powerpoint presentation begins. The presentation should take up a 350 px X 200 px “box” in the middle of the board room graphic. It should look like a .ppt presentation and advance to the next “slide” with a by clicking on the movie. I want to use Powerpoint-esque cheesy transitions.

Anyway, my question is, I know there are lots of Powerpoint to Flash convertors available, do any of them allow you to output a scalable flash movie of the presentation? Does anyone know of a slideshow .fla that is easily modified to just be an image slideshow that would function like a .ppt presentations. All the ones I’ve played with have fwd/back toolbars and other things I can’t seem to make disapear.

Anyone have any ideas? Would breeze allow me to make a scalable presentation without slide outline, etc visible?