Pps in flash?

can i convert powerpoint presentation in flash?

What, from PowerPoint <B>to</B> Flash?

I don’t think you can. You can save it out as .gif, .jpg, .png, .tiff… But not as far as I’m aware, a Flash movie.

if I understand your question correctly then I would say yes I think you can, I typed in convert powerpoint flash into the ixquick search engine and there was a few sites with relevant information one site in particular is


I hope this helps:bandit:

I would think it to be much better to just remake your ppt in Flash from scratch. It will GREATLY reduce your file size, and will not contain any flow errors… also you can add much cooler effects.

Recently I was hired to redo a companies ppt sales presentations. I just went into flah and did them from scratch - they turned out awesome. File size was reduced to about 5% of their origonal files. Needless to say they were happy - anyway my point is if you are decently proficient with Flash, just remake them - it goes really fast. Plus then you know its done right.
Just MHO