Fav garfield strips

one of my many favs :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if I can find any funny comic strips!

[EDIT] I think this one’s pretty funny![/EDIT]


I love calvin and hobbes.

yeah me 2… :stuck_out_tongue: I must’ve read every strip with C&H :slight_smile:

yeah C&H are my heros. Calvin definately reminds me of me…

my favorite comic strips of all time are

The far side
Calvin & Hobbs

I never really liked farside or garfield for some reason. Not my cup o tea I guess? Did anyone read “bizarro”? hahahah, that one cracks me up somtimes.

Bloom County by Berke Breathed is my all-time fav…


I luuuurve the Far Side.
johnBlaze still has 1 post… :slight_smile:


Please change your sig to something a little less inappropriate.



:frowning: wish it was zero, i posted somewhere else though.

…that’s inappropriate?! wow

the intent of the joke is inappropriate (even if it is extremely old)…

Kirupa want to keep this place clean. No dirty jokes, no sex talk, etc. It makes it more fun for everyone.


Calvin & Hobbs… I don’t know this one. I love Garfield though. :slight_smile:

Calvin and Hobbes is the best cartoon strip I’ve ever had a chance of following - of course Garfield, Peanuts, Far-Side, and others are right there.

Quite sad that Bill Waterson refuses to make any more new cartoons :frowning:

Kirupa :rambo:

Far side is my all time fav…and kirupa while you are here, what happens if someone’s footer is a measly 1kb over? i removed it just incase but its 16kb…i am trying to get rid of whatever i can though

never mind it is 15 on the dot!

i have collected so many of these since i started going to
garfield.com a few yrs ago. There’s just waaaay too many great
ones though.

But, out of the ones i have, here’s my 2 absolute favs:

And here’s a few more just cuz:


hahaha, I like #3 the best :slight_smile: