For garfield lovers


if you like reading garfield strips! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve read all of’em so far, and there’s a new one every day! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share it with people who like garfield, and doesn’t know about this site…

I love Garfield! It used to be a cartoon here and I watched it all the time! Then they took it off the air:( That was a very sad day for me :*(

They still print the comics in the Newspapers here though!

I know! They do that here too…

BUT, the link above is to a database with ALL the strips ever made!! It’s SO sweet…

That is pretty sweet. I found a German one with all the strips, but I can’t find the link anymore. But that is ok, I prefer English since I am not that good at German.

Garfield is really great! One of my favorites has to be Calvin and Hobbes: It’s unique and funny - kinda like the Simpsons :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :smirk:

Yeah, I love Calvin and Hobbs too, but they don’t publish his cartoons around here much anymore. If you ask anyone about it, they are like “WTF IS CALVIN AND HOBBS!?”

It is a shame really. Such great cartoons get replaced by cartoons like “Cathy” (I hate that one).

I think Bill Waterson, the guy who does the Calvin and Hobbes strips decided not to do any more because of some strange reason about having to be forced to do one every week…or something…don’t remember. Another great site for some high-quality cartoons is:

Kirupa :cyclops:

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I heard that too, Kirupa. A shame, really. :*(