Favorite Classic Video Games! (Post videos!)

Inspired by tbo’s post from a few moments ago, I am curious to know what classic video games you all liked a lot. I got into computers, programming, and animation largely due to the hours I spent playing video games. Maybe some of you fall into that same category! Or maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, post away! Your response must include a YouTube video link of the game(s) you are posting about.


My first would have to be Zelda: Link to the Past for the SNES!


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A less known game I used to love was Skitchin for Genesis (1994) To this day I still have parts of the soundtrack pop in my head and recently I was looking them up on YouTube. The audio credits go to Jeff van Dyck, who still makes game audio today.

The whole sound track is so good, here’s game play, and then my favorite game tune of all time “hospital”. Anyone interested should go through the whole sound track i think there’s like 24 original songs.

The Incredible Machine blew my mind when I first played it. Joust was probably my first love in video games, but this game added a level of creativity to the gameplay that I never experienced anywhere else, paving the way for my appreciation for other sandbox games.

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Riven. Not because of the puzzles; those weren’t all that fun. Rather:

The intro really demonstrates the game. It almost looks like it’s the Universal Studios logo, then it’s revealed that you’re looking at a concrete bowling ball. But then the blue from the Cyan logo drains from the logo text and swaps to be an atmosphere that restores the water-ish color to the sphere to make it seem like a planet again. And the game was all about creating worlds. Super awesome.

Riven was all pre-rendered, too, which is pretty rare these days and draws an interesting comparison to macros, and how they’ve sort of fallen out of favor.

I might have posted this one in an older thread but fantasy zone was an interesting one for me. Again the music in some of these old games is so good!

An interesting thing here is the upgrades system, 30 years ago, is so similar to modern day mobile games. You can basically copy it exactly except now we use real money

I used to play that all the time with my cousins. Also a game called loderunner.

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Dangerous Dave anyone?

Bury me With My Money.

Operation Neptune!

I like all of these games you all are posting! Played or seen people play most of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Loderunner was awesome. Spent so many hours playing that. I think it was part of a 3500 Game Shareware CD that my parents got for me in a supermarket checkout stand :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just remembered this dos game (I think), I used to like it a lot. I have no idea how we even got these games.

That’s sweet! I wonder what makes it "4"D?

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Probably time.


Best answer of the year

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