Feedback need on new site

Please take a look at my site. This is my first flash site.



Really enjoyed the site. If that is your 1st flash website, you are doing very well. Funny thing though…even after I closed the browser containing your site, the music continued to play. Don’t know what the deal was on that…gotta be something on my PC. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Nice work.

I am in the process of making my 1st Flash website. I have been on it about 3 weeks, and it is partially up. If you ever want to critique, please go to:



while we appreciate the critique, it is considered rude to just blatantly try to gain momentum for another thread… Be patient, you will get a good number of critiques, everyone is on a different timezone (Europe for instance).

Just a heads up.


Well, thanks, but I was not “trying to gain momentum for another thread”. It really does not matter to me if my thread gets viewed or not, because everyone has a different opinion. If you will notice, it said it was the 1st flash website, just like mine is the 1st. Just relating…nothing wrong with that.

True, but it was the way you stated it, and you are new to this forum, so I thought it warranted a mention.

However, you were trying to get someone to critique your site, or else you wouldn’t have offered.

I have been on it about 3 weeks, and it is partially up. If you ever want to critique, please go to:

no need to get defensive, this was just advice, not admonishment, but whatever your intentions, it was still rude to ask someone to critique your site, while answering a site check. I hope you understand…


Well, honestly I didn’t realize it would be taken that way, but I completely understand. From now on, I will keep my mouth shut :slight_smile:

Are you girls done bickering yet?

Seriously, it’s not a big deal to start a ‘fight’ over it. just forget it. And since he’s new, maybe he just didn’t know how or where to post a new thread. Instead of being like this, it would be much more helpful if people were more supportive.

Vaguemedia, your site is very good for a first flash site, though i noticed some minor things that i think could be chanced. For example, the ‘services available’ button and the ‘portfolio’ button go out of position by a fe pixels during the MouseOver stage. Also, some of the text seems to be between pixels and that’s why looks a bit blurry. Try to make it Dynamic Text to make it look sharper.
But other than that, it’s a very good start.

Keep up the good work.

*Originally posted by Erik *
**Are you girls done bickering yet? **

Erik, if this thread has nothing to do with you then don’t stick your nose into it.

As for the site, I think it’s pretty good for a first flash site, but there are a few things I want to point out.

  1. Although simplicity is good, in your case, I think it’s so simple that it’s boring. I think a little bit more graphical elements would be nice or do something with the typography to break that linear mold.

  2. Also try to cut back on the bold text, it doesn’t go well with your layout and takes away from the clean look.

  3. Your navigation text is a bit blurry as well and they shift around on rollOver in case you weren’t aware of it.

  4. Some nicer transitions between sections would be a plus as well.

Overall it’s a good start, good luck with the rest. =)

thanks for for the comments about the site. any critique, be it flash or design critique is much appreciated.
I did notice some problems with buttons and the roll over states. It should be a relatively simple and quick correction.
I’ll take the typography tips in consideration, other people stated the same about the arial black font. otherwise i think the layout is ok but it is boring and am currently brainstorming new ideas regarding a layout that would actually keep the attention of the viewer, while maintaining good design fundamentals. also i really need content. i was trying to insert bitmap images for the portfolio section, but the file size was just to large. i guess i could add some links with pop-up windows, if i had to. does anyone have any tips for conserving file size without loosing bitmap quality? i’ve searched and searched for tutorials and could not find any information that would make a dramatic impact on file size for the .swf.


Nice, i like, alot of potential in this site. Few things i would like to mention, make the menu fonts a touch smaller and add some tracking to it, space them out as well, Service available and portfolio look like one word right now.

Like egeek said the transitions need to be smoother, sometimes i never get to see the tranisition just a corner flash of a white shape.

Thats all i can see now, but nice work , :beam: