Critique - muh first flash site

Well this is my first somewhat flash site, feel free to gimme ur input. It’s not completely done yet… still thinkin of what i wanna do wit the buttons and how stuff is gonna animate itself in when pressing them, but otherwise it’s pretty much complete.

I’m not sure what im gonna do wit the music in the background…the first song lasts a little too long i think but i’ll see what you all think.

Be mean if ya wanna, only way im gonna get better ;p

any input is, as always, appreciated

thx a lot.

edit: yah i know geocities is crusty =D

IMHO: I dont link the TV static effect. But thats in my own words. :wink: Another thing on it, is the background music. If your making a website for the KoS Clan (a picture Im gettin in my head) for Age of Empires (I think :P), I think the music should be more like, how it would be back in the Realm?..

Dont mind me though, hehe, I suck at Flash, well… I suck at basically anything and everything someone puts infront of me :slight_smile: But Id lose the TV effect, to me its kind of annoying, but others may think different, so dont take my n00bish ways seriously. :beam:

In other words, for your first Flash site, nice job :slight_smile: Its a lot better then the first site I had done, so keep up the nice work man! :stuck_out_tongue:

oops i shoulda mentioned it’s for a turn-based real-time on-line game called Realthugz.

KOSKings of the Street is the name of the cartel.

thx for the input =D

Hey man!

There is a forum called “site check” you should delelte this thread and post it in the other one!!

You will proably get more feedback =)

No preloader??

seeming the file size is so small i didn’t feel a preloader was necessary, but if it needs one i suppose i could add one.

I didn’t see that other site, thanx i’ll throw this up there.

I moved the thread and deleted the extra one. There were no responses in the other one.

I couldn’t view the site…it was given me a 404 error


You have to wait for quite a while for the site to build coz you have it timed the music. That’s a bad idea. Why make people wait to view content on your page.

Instead of having those huge buttons on your home page, why not have some sort of relevant news or pics for them?

The buttons are a bit big and I wasn’t too sure what they were at first. The voiceover for them is too quiet. You can’t hear what it says very well [Personally I would just get rid of the voise]. Also the white lines don’t join the center image.

You need a music OFF button! I like to hear my own music playing and I’m sure others do to.

What’s the relevance of the knight in armor if this is a modern day game?

Not to sound rude but I would think about sitting down with a pad and pen and sketching out a site map. Then sketch out some designs for the site. I’m sure if you uploaded a few site designs, people here would give some creative input on them.
Try filling the stage with content. If it’s a gaming site you should have loads of cheats and news you can use. Some images of the main game character [dropped back] might be a good idea??

To make the music quick to download, try using a 10 second loop. You could make at least 4 or 5 different sounding loops just out of the second tune you play.

Anyways man, your doing just fine and all this is just MHO. :slight_smile:

it’s an all text game (turn based) actually so there really is no main character. The people im doing it for wanted me to have that picture in there for em so it really wasn’t my choice.

I think the reason the buttons are so big for you is that you prolly run ur machine at a lower res than me, i completely forgot about that until i checked it out at school.

Yeh the lines not connecting was bugging me too, but they were pressing me to get something up so i said forget it and just let it be, but yeh…i dun like that either, i’ll prolly end up changing it now.

I gotta do somethin bout the music, the first song anyways… you can’t hear the voices over the first song, but the second one you should be able to hear em fine. Yeh, i definitely do need to put a stop music button on there.

There really isn’t any cheats or news or anything… it’s a pretty basic turn-based text game, kinna fun tho ;p

I’ll prolly end up makin a preloader just so people wit slower connections dont have to wait to long, im’ on a wireless connection and a T1 at school so i forget that people have 56k’s -n- such.

I think i’ll just make a short skip button to get past that first part and into the site… won’t be very hard and will only take a few seconds to do.

thx for the input =D

Hey ienjoypie,

I was referring to the second track and the voice over. I have a fairly good set of speakers and I didn’t know you had a voice over until a drop in the music.

I’m running at 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024 side by side. I still think they are way to big [MHO].

Anyways, glad I sorta helped :sigh:

i’ll just drop the volume a bit on the 2nd track

*Originally posted by ienjoypie *
**i’ll just drop the volume a bit on the 2nd track **

LOL you don’t have to.

i was thinkin bout droppin it a lil bit anyways ;p, this just confirmed it =D