Feeling terrible

i think i got strep. :frowning:

a person at my school was just out for a week with it…

i feel icky…! :frowning:


but u could feel worse, lucky me got mono…so I cant play football. gg. Oh well I can still watch it. So for my enjoyment I made this:


now I can watch it over and over again :smiley:

eew. mono sucks. i got it 3 times (they say you can only get it once… i guess i’m lucky)
bah! but mono is good too because you get to do all sorts of stuff you normally don’t have time for. :slight_smile:

like flash

ugh i had strep in november. really bad strep. my fever was 103.5. i couldn’t even walk. my sister basically had to carry me down the stairs, put me in the car, and drive me to the doctor. and that’s after i took a fever reducer, it would work for an hour and then it would come back again.

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** my fever was 103.5. **

that used to be a good radio station where i used to live

ughhh i feel terrible… im trying to eat strawberries and short cake with whip cream, but im almost gagging it down… which is kind of a waste because i dont get much of the taste!



try some chicken soup hawk, it always helps. ****sympathetic smiley

and chamomile tea

poooooor you… just get some sleep or smoke weed, heals everything…

I had mono last summer, that phucking virus stuck for two month and i could barely lift a chair – it ruined my windsurfing vacations…

I hate the human body…

I have it but I still manage to life weights, but I can not play any contact sports…so there goes my college scholarship. So time to focus on some design.

never had mono, heard you get really tired. that sucks though that you can’t play contact sports because of it.

You can get mono from kissing girls. . . . .ewwwww cooties!

Well depending on the girl maybe the mono would be worth it, I think I may have just over stated myself there. :stuck_out_tongue:

you cant do much of anything with it…laid me out for about 2 months a few years back…

Hated every second of it that I was actually awake…

mono blows

hehe actually i had mono and i think i gave it to my girlfriend, but she dumped me during the summer vacations (or probably did it with some other guy) and when she came back she actually had mononucleosis…

…aaaha farewell gift…:beam: