I'm sick!

Bah, I’m sick again. Every year around this time I get Strep Throat, and it never comes alone…no no no, he has to bring his friends Influenza, and Bronchitis. So I’m pretty much bed-ridden. I’ll try to check in now and then, but thats kind of tough seeing as every time I try to stand, I fall down. It took me 10 minutes to get from my bed to my desk and they are only 4 feet apart. I thought that when you got older you out-grew strep throat, but obviously not with me. My tonsils are huge! even when they aren’t infected, but now they take up most of my throat and I’m having trouble breathing. Its like having two grapefruits stuck in my throat. Oh, well…Just thought I would keep ya updated. lol

I’m right there with you, Jub. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I was sick all weekend in New Orleans of all places (I live in Houston). Nothing like having a sore throat, congestion, and fever in the dirtiest city in America.

Hope my work doesn’t think I’m just “hung over.”


I do hope you feel better jubba & time! I get allergies during this time of the year (cursed plants), and that keeps me annoyed for a few weeks :frowning:


well, I went to the clinic on campus today, and they are doing a lab test, and they gave me penacillin also, so I should be ok in a few days, but Saturday night…wow…I have never been that sick before. I’m much better than I was, but I still feel like a got run over by a Peterbuilt.

Let me add my sympathies by pointing out that I haven’t been sick in 10 years.

Ha ha. Suckers.

Deepest sympathies,

<coughs a massive germ brigade onto liveacoustic>

Uh-hmm, sorry. :slight_smile:


other than strep 3 times a year I never get sick. I figure that if I get these @#%$ tonsils out then I will never get sick.


I use a nasal irrigation every week. I never get sinus or throat infections anymore.

1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking soda, in a cup of water.

lean your head to the side and drain this saline solution in one nostrel, holding your throat closed. Let the solution drain out the other nostril.

repeat with the other nostril.

do not blow it out of your nose… let it all drain, then gently blow you nose.

If you can handle the absolute disgust your feeling right now, you will rarely if ever get sick

yes… I’m serious… I really do do this. I never get really sick.

Upu: You are trully one sick, twisted man. You actually put yourself through that? Hell, if it works, I guess I would try it…I’m too @#%$ lazy…And when I’m sick, everyone is really nice to me…:slight_smile:

I too would like to offer my sympathies by telling you I haven’t been sick in 14 years except for one unexplained hospitilization. I think it was from ingesting mouse droppings that I was unaware of. I had a terrible pain in my abdomen and one part of my colon was not getting any blood whatsover. But I got better. And I have learned NOT to eat mouse droppings anymore. They were actually found in one of my cereal boxes after I returned from the hospital, and all my doctors agreed that was more than likely the cause. Make sure you put your foodstuffs in plastic containers as if a mouse gets into your cocoa crispies you are more than likely NOT going to see the little mouse turd floating in your milk and cocoa crispies. Other than that 14 years with no sickness, not even a sore throat, and thats WITHOUT Uppies advice. Ewwwwwww. Sounds like he likes pain. Why dosn’t he just try what the pigmies use; Mix up 1 quart of Elephant urine and mix it with the blood of a prairie Vulture, drink warm. You shouldn’t get sick after drinking this potion.

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compassionatly yours,

Upu and Phil will never make doctors, don’t try any of what they said at home kids!!!

I was a licensed physician in Tongo Tongo Lobstar…FYI. The only problem with my cure is it is rather hard toobtain exactly one gallon of Elephant urine, The Prairie Vulture blood is easy to get, but the elephant piss is another thing altogether. I would be licensed here to but the Laws here are too restrictive for my type of medicine. You should see what can be done with lion lungs and the tongue scrapings of Hippo’s.


lol if I didn’t have these tonsils I would never get sick. So I should just get the *****es out.

Actually, Jubba, Alligator piss’ll clear that illness right up for you. No need to do anything drastic - just chug some alligator piss.

Yeah LA I’ll get right on that…(can you smell the sarcasm?)