Fellow kirupans, I need you guidence

Ok, so I im almost done with this 12 month course i’m doing. Now I’ve been applying to jobs everywhere. I get a call today about a job offer. Out of all the jobs I applied to yesterday, this is the one I really wanted. Its 10 minutes from where I live, good money AND requires good knowledge in flash/AS. What more do I want :beer:

The guy starts asking me all kinds of questions like, do you have experience with actionscript, are you familiar with Rich Media tools, have you used flash MTK etc. I was so excited I just said YES to everything. Finally he says, “Ok, so can you come in next monday for an interview?”. You know what I said :drool:

Part of the job desc:

You will need a sound understanding of rich media products and strong actionscript and flash knowledge and experience.

You will be supporting clients for their new technology platform which is similar to Eyeblaster, Tangozebra and Checkm8 technologies.

You will need experience with using the Flash Macromedia MTK Tool Kit. (Multi Tracking Kit).

You will need to have previous experience in supporting any Rich Media Product, including scripting FLA files into SWF files.

Tango what??? :crazy:

so the thing is, I have never heard of Eyeblaster, Tangozebra or Checkm8!!!
Oh yeah, and i’ve never used flash MTK!

I’ve done a google but I couldnt find any basic definitions. And I dont exactly wanna go make a fool outa my self…

So If any of you guys know anything about MTK or anything else up there, please fill me in :thumb:

Or do you guys think I should drop the whole thing and work in Macdees :puzzled:

well I’m just gonna have to do that. read read read…
Thanks guys seriously I appriciate it :thumb: i’ll let you know how it goes

Lunatic, you know I dont listen to those bozos :whistle: i’m too busy frying chips :red:

good luck with the interview! perhaps they could have you on in a different position working up to the one advertised?


thanks mate, I dont know about that, I just hope I get this one :slight_smile:

I can tell you what tangozebra is - they’re a marketing / advertising company. They run banners and pop ups for corporate clients, and Churchill used them a few times (and dealt with me). They provide various Flash and gif based projects, as well as scripts to handle data entry and expanding adverts.

All I had to do was use their external files to create my own ads. :slight_smile:

thanks kitiara :slight_smile:

Well tried to read as much as I could. They asked all kinda guestions, some were very technical but I think I managed. But they did say they needed experience in those apps. So i’m just gonna wait n see