FFFFFF UDIDs pulled via ios apps are fake- error Unable to download app - "appname" cannot be installed at this time

I have been out of the loop for a while, this is probably very old news but I will post it anyway.

Any apps that pull UDIDs from iOS devices now return FAKE UDIDs, and have done so since iOS7 I suppose.

Any UDID starting with ffffffff… is fake.

I had a few testers give me their UDIDs from app store apps, such as udid sender. Apple, the generator of the fake UDIDs, accepts these fake udids in the members portal and uses up a slot for the year of your 100 max UDIDs. A generic error is given when trying to install:

Unable to download app - “appname” cannot be installed at this time

To get the real UDID use itunes or http://get.udid.io/

I guess they keep the API going for old apps but do not allow capture of real UDID
Why doesn’t apple generate fake udids such as 0000000000000000 so we know its not valid? who knows.

I think the fake UDIDs were introduced to facilitate privacy. It’d be kind of annoying if you uninstalled Facebook, then reinstalled it later and it automatically logged you in. A fake UDID is still useful for tracking the lifetime of an app install, though.

If you have testers who are willing to install Xcode (7+), Apple has now lifted the restriction where you had to have a paid developer account to install apps on your own phone. So you shouldn’t necessarily have to have your testers use any of the slots on your paid dev account.

Your right, I had not thought of that.

Your right, I had not thought of that!!!

I actually don’t need the extra slots I just thought it was funny they allow you to put in UDIDs starting with ffffff knowing they wont work.

You make good points Mr Krilnon

Ah, yeah, I didn’t get that nuance of your original post when I read it. That is silly.

Just use Diawi

thanks I have used diawi before but was not aware it can also be used to get the udid.

I was having people use http://get.udid.io/ which worked 90% of the time.

I just went to diawi to get the udid on my ipod 4, press install profile and it sent me to settings with no further info, no profile, no install. Tried a few times.

I did it on my ipad and it worked just fine.

That seems to be the problem im getting the web / profile install method on get.udid.io also people tell me only seems to work sometimes…most times anyway. they all have ios 9 whether it works or not

I’m not going to blame anyone but myself, as I am not really a developer…but man this is such a simple thing that can somehow become so so annoying.