Fighting Game Help

Hi. I recently decided to start making a fighting game that I’ve had the idea for for quite a while now and, well, due to my lack of experience in actionscript or any type of code for that matter, I’ve hit some snags in its production.
I currently have a game where you can make the guy move around with the arrow keys, and punch when you push “d”. It is this punch that I have the problem with. I’ve managed to figure out a way of getting him to punch when you push the button, but because of the way I’ve done it (Key.getCode) after the animation has played, nothing happens until you push a different button. I need help to get it so that the punch will work properly, so I can then apply it to further actions as well. I understand perfectly well why my way doesn’t work, I just don’t know enough about actionscript to fix it, and I tried, but just got confused :puzzle: .
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and before you tell me to go learn basic actionscript before starting something like this, I won’t, I want to make this game, and what better way to learn something than by jumping in the deep end? :slight_smile:

Thanks again,
TH :link: