Making a game - Need help Badly!


Im a stickman Obsesive.
I am trying to make a stickman fighting game but im having serious problem’s
this is how im trying to make it

            o     o
            /\-   /\
            ||    ||

Okay one dude (you) on the left you can move around and make him kick and punch

and guy’s liek the one of the right come up and you have to kill them and they fight back.

I have made a little example or a man you can move around on the floor
But im stuck on how to make him kick and punch,…

Please help me :smiley:

hey man, sorri to say but unless ur willing to get sumone to script it for you, you wont be making this game for a long time. im not being mean but its just hard for sumone who duznt know actionscript to make a game, whether he’s givin the code or not.:stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone script it for me then :smiley:

Offer some green and someone there might pick-up the chore, otherwise I wouldn’t count on anyone here doing for you “for fun”.

maybe you could do a search in the game forum???

draw the punching or kicking on the second frame on the clip and on the clip write/paste actions


and in the clip where the punching/kicking animation ends in the frame actions put


Nice… But it didnt work :S

it did… now… i figured it out.

Do you know how to make people come at you and you can hit them?

what do you mean - you can hit them - ? you can hit everything always you just need something to check if you hit someone if you know what i mean, for example put the following instance name on you(movie clip - you): you

then on the opponent actions put


ps. make a game yourself not ask everybody everything

make them come at you:

(on opponent mc)