Fighting Stick Men

I remember seeing this web site and it had fighting stick men animations on it. Does anyone here know the address of this site because i can’t remember it.

I don’t know the actual home of Xiao Xiao, but here you can find all his animations:

Stick Death Animations

These are the best ones on the internet.


Sorry but that link is not working
I’ll try it again later…

Search for xiao xiao and you’ll get there.

pom :asian:

xiao xiao collection all of his movies can be found here…at least i think these are all of them

That Newgrounds link I posted has almost all of them…And the link works for me…Maybe the site was down or something but that’s a pretty good collection.


I wonder why doesnt work for me?

Although Xiao Xiao is WAY BETTER, I love the Xiao Xiao series. There is another site called that has all stick men animation. Wasn’t sure if what you saw was in there.

That link for Xaio Xaio works for me too. And it does have all the movies. used to be their official site. It had all their movies too, but you needed a japanese language plug in to be able to read the text on the site (in japanese of course). For some reason it is down.