Fileplanet Subsricbers

Anyone on the kirupa fourms who subscribed to Filplanet if so please reply.

See since I dont go fileplanet subribed version the donwloads are alot slower and I was wondering if you guys would download a couple files for me cause it goes fast.

If not then im out of luck.

I’m not subscribed, but I wonder if you couldn’t just search for the files and download them from other, faster locations for free? =)

Fileplanet, and all those other stupid sites that make you wait for your download are just plain stupid. Why pay for free files? You should just look for other mirrors and put them out of buisness.

true, however they do have alot of exclusive stuff (some so exclusive it’s for paying members only) - and one of the largest databases of downloads on the net. Also, by waiting in line they reduce stress on the servers allowing them to operate at faster speeds, and hasten the download (after you have waited to do so) what I do is find all things I need, have them all download to the default folder, then go in an move them later.