Film in the making

I’m starting design on a film made in Flash… I’m not a very good animator, so I’m workinf pretty hard on that aspect… I’ve seen alot of Flash games and movies, but I’ve never seen the type I’m gonna make, I’m gonna insert a crap load of audio… There will be a soundtrack spaning 10 songs, over 50 sound effects, and over 10 minutes of speach audio… Once you add in the animation and what not, how long do you think it’ll takle to load once it’s online?

About 2.52354 minutes.


What kind of megabytes are we talking? That is where your load time comes from.

I’m not sure yet… I only have most of the audio… I havn’t begun the film, I’ve only started making movie clips and stuff that’ll be needed soon.

Maybe it won’t be too bad if you started loading stuff externally and maybe cutting your movie down to multiple files and also loading those externally.

I’m not sure I know how to do that…

Oh yeah I forgot to mension why there’s so much audio. It’s because I wanted to go for a “movie” like film, something with music, background, voice overs, speach and everything… Has that been done before?

well then it sounds like some of your pre-production research could be how to do that…

Yeah I got stuff from google yesturday… I can’t find anything else there… I also used altavista

you did a search for flash tutorials and couldn’t find anything…hmmm?

Simply put, it’s going to be massive.

10 track soundtrack? 10mins of speech? You’re asuming someone is going to keep watching it for 30min plus? It better be nice looking, interesting and interative or you’re dreaming.

I hope your webhost likes you.

I think your movie is going to have to be in different scenes.

Well, he’s talking about a full length film right?
Sounds very creative. And for the audience that are actually interested in seeing it, it’s worth waiting a couple of minutes loading time.

Flash can compress audio in tremendous amounts and still keep good quality.
Scenes is a good idea, but the user will have to click ‘view next scene’ and wait for it to load, throughout the movie; Instead of sitting back and enjoying the film.

You could always make it a downloadable exe. So you just download it once, and watch it whenever, and without loading.

But if you did it in various different scenes you could have it available online. I’m not talking about scenes like you would think of in flash. I am talking about scenes like in a movie.

For example:
"Scene 1 - Where little Timmy gets a puppy"
Preload that scene
Watch it
"Scene 2 - Where little Timmy and the puppy become best friends"
Preload that scene
Watch it
"Scene 3 - Where the puppy gets hit by a garbage truck"
Preload that scene
Watch it

I love that example.

lol, yeah thats a very cute story.
but wouldnt it be too big of a distraction to see the preloaders in between. viewers will probably lose interest, and become irritated.

I think that would be up to the content of the film, not the manner in which it is shown. They could also be waiting with anticipation for the next scene.

Yeah… It’s written kinda like " Lock stock and two smoking barrels", So the whole thing will be exiting, and I’m not sure having it load every once and a while.

I plan on uploading it to Newgrounds couse they seem to acept BIG projects.

Let me know when you do, I would be interested in seeing this.