---[Took Me For Ever]---

This Took Me Forever… Tell Me What You Think. Its My First
Movie In Flash…I Only Used Those Lines To Make It.

Here Is The Link… www.angelfire.com/art2/aebuddy/3daebuddy.swf

Should I Put It On My Site For An Intro? www.aebuddy.com

It May Take A While To Load.

hey, im on a 56k and i waited for a while but nothing loaded :frowning: sorry i cant comment on it.

Im on a T3 line and it’s taking quite a bit of time…you may want to add a preloader or somthing to your movie to keep visitors entertained while they wait.

took way too long and all i saw was two lines…

Hmm, Well it deffinitley wasn’t just 2 lines…i dunno, it might not have uploaded good…i’ll check

I let it load all the way, and the swf file ended up to be a hair over 6 megs. Check out your publishing settings.

Did you like the movie though?

That took way too long to load dude, and Im assuming its because of the music. In the future keep file size in mind, because it is a major factor in how good your stuff is.

PS - I like the music, but the line animations dont have much of a point to them.

Im on a 56k…so waiting for 6megs to load is out of the question, sorry bro.

I know some other videos r two times as big , will a preloader help or what can i do?

Just don’t make your stuff that big, plain and simple. But if you absolutely have to for some reason, put a preloader on it yeah.

twice as big? and i bet NOONE goes to them on a regular basis… that sort of crap is a download once and watch twenty times on your own comp thing… not a website thing…

TWICE as BIG!?..i doubt there are 12mb sites out there lol. its ok though my first flash intro was 1mb and it was terrible.

Files of that size are completely unheard of in sites. Like mehoo said, maybe if you are gonna watch something like a cool Flash animation, but repeated viewing of something like that just doesnt happen.

period… we aint dissin ya bro… but learn better flashing and u will see your file sizes drop. i have a 2ok site that has animated buttons both rollover and pressed and it has complex details… so its basically ur flash knowledge…

ya like i said im a beginner, and this is my first…thanks, ill try and learn the pre loader and crap

That music has to go my friend. I know you’re going for a certain effect, but that is far too long to load EVEN on broad band. Took me three minutes on my DSL. I don’t think that anyone will wait that long.

I’ll see about those loops I was talking about… Now that I know what sort of music you’re looking for for the page, I may be able to throw a loop or two together for you. That will do a lot to decrease the size of the file.

hey my man… listen… you gotta think of having to put some shorter music… cuz no one should spend over a minute watching or listening to an intro unless it’s fukin good… so tell you what… i’m assuming that you r using an mp3 song… so if you are… go ahead and download an mp3 splitter… makes everyfile of yours much smaller!!

i can give you my example to look @… i created this site for the first time for some company… and i added also an intro (for the first time.) but the MP3 splitter helped alot! and even though it waqs about 126kb or some… i added a preloader for those who even have a 14kb/s connections (i’m exagerating… LOL) check it out:


FYI: for those who are wondering why the site is incomplete, its because i kept only the preview version of it online…