Final Fantasy X

I’m gonna draw a few of these guys since they look pretty cool. Here’s one to start off, it’s the black mage Lulu. :slight_smile:

gosh, that’s adorable… best drawing by you so far =)

Thank you. :slight_smile: I just realised thought that I forgot to draw her Moogle… Back to the drawing board… :slight_smile:

what’s a moogle? lol

lol… not sure I want to know… :slight_smile:

great work kit :love:

Awesome work Kit, I’m definitely going to need your help when I start the mini mod episodes. =)

For those who haven’t played these games then, here is a Moogle. :slight_smile:

oh lol… and… is she actually supposed to have a moogle? :stuck_out_tongue:

apparently so… :slight_smile:

“mooooogles! AWAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” :bad:

She is. It’s some kind of… familiar, I guess. Whatever it is though, I forgot to draw it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work Kit ! :thumb:

ooh i love FFX, the moogle is Lulus melee weapon, when she doesn’t use her magic she sends here moogle out to punch the guy.

moogles are so cute :love: i remember the choco/mog summon from FF7, and i was really … scared… the first time i saw it, it was so big and pink and … yeah

anyway, that’s an awesome drawing, i hope you do yuna soon too cos her costume is pretty funky

the FF characters always had strange clothes… and some obsession with heaps of belts


i think you should start drawing the aeons, they’re the coolest :stuck_out_tongue:
Have any of you guys beat the entire game? beating the dark aeons? and the monster training thingy?

As it so happens, I have a Yuna finished right now. :slight_smile:

Oh, good idea on the aeons, btw. I think I might try Shiva… :beam:

wow kit those are really amazing. ahmed was right, those are your best works so far!

ahhh more loveliness :love:

n1 kit! :thumb:

kit did you draw that little thing too?

hehe, lulu needs bigger boobs =)

oh, and in FFX, they’re not moogles, they’re Moomba’s. :slight_smile: