Financial/Institutional Website

Hey all,

Please take a look at my site! Well, not mine, the company I work for, but I designed it from the ground up and got help from our programmers to code it.

I only have a couple concerns about it. I still see errors looking at the site in IE6. Turns out a lot of sad souls still use it. Thus, we’ve addressed most of the errors, but there may be some that we’ve left out. But if you’re on IE6 (why would you?) please speak up if you spot something out of whack.

My other major concern is getting the PNG images to look as clean as possible, since as of now they look a bit fuzzy, particularly on our XFB page
But I suspect the only way to really address that is to use flash to display images. Any advice there would be great too.

Outside of the bugs, I really just want to include some sweet flash action; menus, billboard animations or maybe an intro movie. Here’s a template that really shows the kind of image we’re looking at:

Please let me know of a good way to begin constructing a design like this. That animation is a little way over the top, but I love the orbiting fragment design, which matches our graphic logo (mu symbol inside a sphere).

Anyway, please give me your best criticisms. I really want to address any errors that I’ve overlooked so please list any you find for me. Secondly, if you can give me any advice on how to snazz up our site even more that’d be better. I’m looking at enhancing the following:

  • text formatting, color scheme
  • index page: good navigation effects
  • index page: billboard (the big engine image you see, that can be easily replaced with flash)
  • index page: the tabs region underneath the billboard
  • wiki area, flash effects for the side regions and main navigation menu
  • any plugins in the jQuery framework that can give the site a boost