Find Kirupa a fossil challenge.

This is the “Find Kirupa a fossil challenge”.

The task is to find a fossil of some kind and present it here in some way for Kirupa. (Send it, post an image or describe it)

Personally, I will try to find a fossil from the Cretaceous period, the only fossil-period present here where I live. I will have no problem though (but I want the fossil to be special in some way).


What if I find a fossil, but it is not special in any way?

  • don’t post it…

What if there is no fossils where I live and I dream I find a fossil? Does that count?

  • Sure, make a drawing and post it here.

What if I don’t believe in fossils

  • you have to find a contemporary fossil then. Make sure it is contemporary.

Am I in a hurry?
-No, this is a laid back challenge, the fossil will find you, you do not find the fossil. Remember that.

Good Hunting.

This fossil just found me today (the lucky devil). Pretty great, right?

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I live near the peabody museum at Yale, I present kirupa with a giant turtle… As far as I know this turtle may have lived as far back as 1992, or as they call it around here, the “saved by the Bell era”

And I also just have to mention these giraffes just out of the frame in the same room. Really cool place if you’re in the area


It seems logic, large turtles need interior gears?

No fossil have found me yet. But so far I only inspected a map and pounder upon if I could use my kids plastic shovel?

I don’t know about that, I would be pretty mad if my parent stole my plastic tools and discovered a dinosaur on my turf

I thought so, so I bought a pasta sil.
…but then my wife thought I bought it for her. So i actually had to make her disappointed.

-“no, sorry, this is for fossils, Campanian and Maastrichtian period, fossils hidden in sand and clay”.

I thought women didn’t want kitchen utensils?

I used to work at a natural history museum; there were a bunch of fossils there. Does this qualify me somehow? I didn’t find any of the fossils, but worked on the database maintaining their records. :geek:

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Hmm, with some lengthy reasoning, It is possible to view the database maintenance, as if the fossils made you do it.

Take a look at this, it is pretty far out (and old) :smiley: :

If I remember correctly, the early scientist in Silicon Valley, during 60’s and 70’s, discuss The Omega point, since Pierre Theilard mentions how rocks have concusiness, and these scientist themselves worked on the first computer chips. Bringing matter to life, as they saw it.

In this sense, you could have been under the influence of fossils trying to reach Omega Point? Thus, the fossils found you, (and also indirectly built a museum).

So I guess your database maintenance could be a valid entry? Given this philosophical framing?

I’m not sure that that’s fair since it took me so much effort for me to find my fossil. Rather astonishingly, this specimen died 160 million years ago then fossilized inside a display case right outside my lab. Only my deep knowledge of paleontological techniques and raw skill allowed me to make such a monumentous discovery, heralded by some as the greatest achievement in the field of human endeavour since Special Relativity or perhaps even the cogent theory of evolution by natural selection. I wait in earnest for the inevitable letter from the Nobel committee to arrive in my mailbox…

Stepping out of character, I have to show this. The worlds best preserved fossil. I raise my hat for Canada. May all your fossils crawl up on your walls. My children screamed looking at this. It is truly awesome.

That’s prob the best fossil I’ve ever seen, reading that a guy named “funk” found it accidentally, now i can’t picture him as anyone but Otto from the Simpsons.

Also I’m getting the impression TheCanadian’s scoliosis bird is the only photo actually snapped by someone here, he may be in the lead

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I’ve been trying to find fossils around me, but I really can’t. The closest thing is a garden gnome that is sorta fading away :biohazard:

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Faded gnome huh? How deep was this specimen found? I would double check, it could be a t rex

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It’ll be a fossil in a few hundred million years. Surely that counts.

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Cable ferry to Ivö Klack. German family in front car. They too went to look for fossils - albeit several misstakes were made. 1. Brought wife. 2. Brought kids. 3. Brought videocamera.

This is Ivö Klack. Public area - and will probably become nature reserve park in the near future? it is an old caolin clay quarry. (It is ok to look for fossils in a moderate fashion… i.e. I left my kids plastic shovel in the car.)

The summit of Ivö klack. 134 meters above sea level. Nothing to see here more than a metal rod protected by swedish law (it says so on the sign) and a strange engraving? (ufo?)

Fossils found. These are parts of extinct squids, sea urchins, oysters and corals.

Nothing found yet that “speaks Kirupa” in any way.

I’ll give this another go in a few weeks.

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