Finished Halo for the PC

Halo: CE was one of the best FPS games I have played in a while. The story was great and the varied gameplay was brilliant. The last scene where I had to escape in the Warthog alone made the game worth it :slight_smile:

This would be a great game for co-oping with friends. I guess I’ll have buy an XBOX (consoles…ewww!) for that though. I would have liked to be able to carry more than 2 guns at a time though, but it was great anyway.

Kirupa :blush:

what’s so wrong about xbox :h:? It has all the best FPS, and that’s what matters! :smiley:

Yeah, that last mission could make the creators of Dukes Of Hazard envious! (At that last part alone is really worth what you pay for the game, making everything leading up to it a bonus :pleased: )

Mind you, getting up to that last level is ****ed difficult

congrats on completing it!!

i think its good that they only you to carry two weapons…it makes the game more realistic.

Hey kirupa, I guess you havent ever played it with 15 other people then…and coop mode is pretty good, and it makes it a lot more fun to pull off tactics and double team the enemy! :slight_smile:

If you want realism, join the army. Games are about over-doing it and exaggeration. :stuck_out_tongue:

Copper - I have nothing against consoles :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t find Halo to be too difficult at all. At first when I met the flood, I was a bit nervous, and the giant building where you had to retrieve the Index was a little scary, but overall the game on Normal difficulty was not bad.

Co-op mode would have been a lot of fun!


halo is meant to be played in cooperative, excessiveness -is that a word?- of fun, but yea the last mission is amazing, I remember playing it in legendary with a friend and we arrived with only one second left! we did that level like 18 times :stuck_out_tongue:

jitters halo 2 halo 2 halo 2, cant wait!!!

I hear you’ll get to wield a plasma sword :slight_smile:

Cool bit: You can kick people out of Ghosts! RULES! LOL

Ahhh yes, the Library. I remember the first time I played it in Legendary… ahhh yes, good ol’ shotgun.

So kirupa, can we expect to see you on-line playing Halo2 sometime in the future?

Oh. My. God. That was fast.

These forums are so big the response time to a post is extremely short. Scares me.

Co-op , I think, was one of the reasons for this game being so successful.

Doing the missions with someone along side you is always great, of course there were those times when I would accidentally stick a ‘sticky bomb’ (plasma grenade) on my partner. :lol:

I’ve never played it on XBox so I wouldn’t know about Co-Op

I played coop with my friend. We got stuck on the first level just killing each other. No wait I guess it was second. Outside near the large chasm waterfall or whatever. We would just kill each other over and over it was so much fun. We did that like 30 mins at least.

I might get an Xbox if the price goes down snorts heavily

Hehe probably not for a while. I need to get back to writing stuff for the site and getting ready for classes in a month. Gaming and working don’t mix too well for me hehe.

I would have liked Co-Op more for the PC because I wouldn’t have to split my screen between two players. Even on a large screen, wouldn’t it be annoying to have another portion of your screen doing something else?


I can’t member exactly but I thought the screen just constantly stayed
on you both. But that doesn’t seem right. At any rate, my friend had a cool enough tv that it didn’t bother me. Being a console kid, I grew up with split screens, it’s just fine with me. The only real problem is playing Mario Kart on a giant 60 inch and then going back to my room on like a 25 or whatever it is… seems so small in split!

Not at all, the only time it gets annoying is when you’re playing multiplayer “slayer” because they can see when you’re about to attack them. Which is why we use System Link, we get 4 xbox’s and sixteen players, so much fun. :drool:

I like the FinalFantasy:Crystal Chronicles MP system, you are all on one screen, the bad part is, you have to have a GBA + Link cable to play XD

That wouldn’t work with a First Person Shooter.

Oh yeah I forgot lol… I’m used to playing Jedi Academy, it has 3rd person just because its easier to handle a lightsaber that way. So I can do 3rd person guns, which is accurate actually, the crosshair helps infintely.