Finished the book. Now what?

I just finished up Learning React and my tldr review is that it was a fantastic journey and I was kind of sad to finish the book because I had fun reading it and completing the exercises over the last month. Other than re-reading the book, can anyone recommend what a React / Redux newbie like me should do now to cement the concepts that the book presented without getting in over my head?

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Glad you liked the book, @Drew_Fleming. If you don’t mind, would it be possible for you to write a short review for it on amazon? Word of mouth and reviews are the primary way the book is marketed :partying_face:

Regarding next steps, start with building sample apps. You can start with some simple ones and gradually start building more complex apps that will really test your React and JS knowledge. Do you have ideas for apps you’d like to build?


Other than reading the book, you should try to troubleshoot or help others who aren’t as far along the path as you are. You’ll learn more and they’ll learn more.


I wrote a review on Amazon. I hope that helps you out!
I was thinking about creating a blogging feature on my website using React. That would be simple enough to wrap my head around for a first project.

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