What React topics would you like to see next?

Hi everyone!
I’ve started working full-swing on the next edition of Learning React! Let me know if there are any pressing React topics not covered in the book (or on the site here ) that you would like me to address :slight_smile:

Here is the tentative agenda based on what you all have said over the past year:

  1. Update all of the examples to React 16
  2. Create and explain more involved/complex examples
  3. Update to use the latest React Router
  4. Write about Redux and tie some examples to #2
  5. ???

If there is anything additional you would like me to talk about next, let me know.


I think redux is probably the best, next step. But that would require an entirely new, dedicated book :upside_down_face:

I’ll probably run through learning react again and see if anything jumps out.

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Pub / sub with redux :slight_smile:

I also think that Redux would be just perfect. I learned React with your book, but unfortunately I haven’t found a book that could help me with Redux, the way your book helped me with React :sob:
Surely I could use one the articles and blog post available online, but they only show how to manage simple state, the typical Todo App,but as we know real world apps usually require us to handle state with structures that are more complicated than a simple array of strings.

Take this example from the Redux docs: http://redux.js.org/docs/recipes/reducers/NormalizingStateShape.html
I think this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to show how to deal with nested structures ,but unfortunately no further examples were provided.


Happy to hear it, Kirupa! Learning React was a great read and from a newbie perspective more example projects would really help. It’s nice to wrap your head around the ideas and individual aspects of React but without being able to tie it in with multiple projects, the ideas drift away. Maybe a companion workbook?

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A companion workbook sounds interesting, but let me look into ways of tying more real world examples into the main book itself! :slight_smile: