does any1 know a link 2 a tutorial on how to make fire in flash?

do want to actually draw/animate it or create it using AS?

I don’t have a link but did you mean something like this?

(Check on “Home” and the fire on the letter F on the left side)

If this is the case, it’s a combo of Flash 8, Photoshop and EyeCandy.

I want to draw/animate it(I don’t know how AS could do that)
I only have Flash MX 2004 and Fireworks MX 2004
(i don’t have photoshop)

I have some of solutions for you… thats not AS.
But do you want to have it realistic? Or is cartoon’ish style good enough?

umm… somewhat between if not than cartoonish (which ever one is easier)
wait… ya I want cartoon