[how2] fire explotion..!

Hi guys, i got this website from a friend, and have to say YOU ROCK…

i’m curently working on a gamers (ut2K3) website with flash and photoshop… but i want something i dont thing has bin done yet?
(well i did’nt find it soemwhere)

i want a fire explotion but dont know how???
can someone help me with this?


a explotion/fire ball that looks like the real thing…:stuck_out_tongue:

How real must it look? If you create it in Flash, it’s always going to lack some of the realism of real fire. The best option would be to create an animated GIF in photoshop and then import it into Flash. I’m not at all sure how to create a fireball exploding in Photoshop… but I know it will be more realistic than the vector alternative of Flash’s environment.

wel it needs to look like this:

maybe a image sequnce to…

and yeh creat it in photoshop is good 4me but how…?

and it has to go with this: (beware this is my own machine so it maybe slow)

why not just import that gif into Flash and use it? Is it a copyright issue?

I agree with David, import it into flash…

Otherwise someone could create a partical engine that has a fire feel, yet it’ll look synthesized cause its flash (flash is not really made for realistic special effects).

Thanks for your help guys, its not realy what i was looking for (in turms of effect) but it has to do…

again thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:

PS, after this intro and site, i’ll start at a Sig! :slight_smile:

A guy I know made a Flash MX version that should be easily adaptable to Flash 5 I think. Let me look for the link for a minute.

It’s here: http://www.station4net.com/flashfx/047-25-lines.html

14 lines of code… :crazy: