Firefox 2.0 issue: target=_blank in popup

(please see updated summary posted by me. of course, this thread no longer only applies to firefox 2.0.)

Hey all,
I have an issue with the target attribute opening new windows into a new tab in Firefox 2.0.

WE ALREADY KNOW that it’s a new setting that’s set by default in firefox 2.0 to open new windows in a tab rather than a new window. That’s fine and we know how to disable that.

The problem is that we need this to work correctly for our clients wherein they do not have to change that setting for the new window to open in a new window.

The problem ONLY occurs when using a new window attribute within a popup window. Example:

Click on official rules and then on one of the links within that page. See the problem?

If anybody has a tested, working solution I would greatly appreciate the sharing of the knowledge!

Thanks guys!