Firefox 3 on Mac Event Issues

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to create a document viewer using the Flash Authoring Tool and ActionScript 3 to begin with.

My effort so far can be seen on:

I’m having issues with Firefox 3 on Mac. If the user clicks on the movie clip within the scroll pane but releases the mouse outside the flash movie (outside the boundary of the player) then, although mouse_up and mouse_leave are triggers (confirmed via remote debugging), the stopDrag() method has no effect on the movie clip.

I found this blog post:

which seems to deal with this issue, however not in my case.

Please refer to for an excerpt of the source code. If I comment out lines 35 - 42 and place a shape (a rectangle) in the movie clip then everything works as specified in the blog post above. When a Loader() is used, the stopDrag() method has no effect [lines 77 and 88].

I have used the Flash CS4 debugger to try to get to the bottom of this, however I cannot detect any suspicious routes in the program flow.

If I trace the height of the movie clip within the onRenderSwf event handler [line 31], the height is equal the combined height of the Loader instances + spacing. If I trace the height outside the event handler, it’s 0. I think that my definition of mc (in line 13) puts it in global scope, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case? Why is the information about the movie clip dimensions lost?

Any suggestions/comments would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for this invaluable service,