Firefox more security holes than IE?

Just when you thought it was safe?

Mozilla Firefox has managed to rack up 10 security holes in 4 months compared to 7 security holes in Internet Explorer within 4 months. The statistics show that having a product that isn’t used by 1000s makes it “more secure” as less hackers/spammers need to attack it. As the release of XPSP2 has just finished up we should see less IE holes over the coming months but if this trend contines then where will Firefox be in 6 months time?

Source: Secunia

maybe firefox has the old IE security holes

that makes it even worse. To have someones old holes :trout:

One of them is not a security hole in mozilla, it’s a windoze security hole (the shell: protocol)

IE suffers from one of them as well (the XPInstall bug).

Many of the bugs listed on that page are technically possible to exploit, yet very difficult in practice - many of the IE bugs are easy to exploit.

Also, look at the past records. Everybody/thing has off months :wink:

As programs get more users, you are bound to get more people discovering security holes. Current usage statistics rank with FF with 4% vs IE with 95%.

I think it is amusing and wish to see the excuses as this becomes more prevalent. NJS pointed out that 1 of them holes is not really a hole. But what about the other 9…lol. FF was supposed to be hole free.

i agree with kirupa and ddd - the people so far using the software want to keep it untainted, however as it joins the mainstream these will become more and more prevalent.

FF was supposed to be hole free.

I don’t think that can ever be done.


FF is open source and therefore the holes are fixed sooner & faster and it’s a good thing that ff is patched up faster :wink:

No software is hole free (except software that doesn’t have security holes because they don’t apply, like some GUI apps for instance). Every software has bugs. Bugs are a fact of life. Some software is more buggy than others. Open source as a model has been shown to be good at preventing extremely buggy software, but it doesn’t eliminate bugs as a whole. It just makes them quicker & easier to patch, and causes less of them (generally) because all code is reviewed a few times.

Good point NJS
I just want to be around when FF becomes a largely used browser and here the complaints. Because it is talked about like it is the second coming of Jesus or something. Like all problems will go away with this browser. I share the same sentiments as you do. Which is a realistic one. The holes will be more apparent as the browser is widely accepted. But let the M$ haters say it. There wil be no holes and it is the best browser int he world…lol.