4 New IE Vulnerabilities


Interesting… one of the bugs is related to that Windows Mozilla bug found a few days ago…

Doesn’t microsoft care? Why don’t they update this thing yet?

And it should be known, the Windows Mozilla bug was not a bug in Mozilla itself. It was a bug in how Mozilla handles “shell” commands, which is a Windows security hole and has been for some time. It was allegedly fixed in SP1, but as we can all see its still there.


Use another product.

That is one of the solutions. Dont know why it just sounded funny.

:stuck_out_tongue: Agreed

Yea, I dont see why microsoft wont update now… Probably because they know more bugs will be discovered. They most likely want to update it all at one time… But thats lookin to be a while.

Microsoft Responds to IE Criticism: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/07/09/1355229&mode=thread&tid=113&tid=126&tid=128&tid=95

Slashdotted last Friday (the 9th)

We’ll see how far that goes :sure:.

No, you make no sense.
The point is that it a user can’t expect to just sit on their *** and have someone else inform them about all their choices.

It’s called personal responsibility. If there is a Ford dealership close to my house and all I ever do is buy Fords, should Ford be held liable when all my cars fall apart?

Get informed. Use your brain. Own up to the fact that you have to actually make your own choices.

That about sums up my opinion. Get informed and go out and get something different. It is very much like customizing your car. If you dont like your factory speakers get some new ones or try something different.


Interesting read --check it out–

lol… you read Slashdot? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: of course, someone just posted the link to the slashdot story :trout:

the point is that very few Joe Users actually know alternatives exist…

I hope I am alive the day OSX and FF become the majority and every hacker in the world comes gunning for them. And I hope the nutsack riders that are posting today still ride just as hard for OSX when all their security holes are compromised and MS can sit back and relax.

We do not feel that switching to an alternative browser and giving up the functionality and compatibility of IE is warranted

Thats why im still and sticking to IE.

And this comment:

Microsoft’s browser is a favourite target for hacking due to its widespread use.

is why attacks are frequent.

The software giant still dominates the way people use the web, controlling more than 94% of the browser market, according to WebSideStory.

im one of that %.

OSX possibly (closed-source), but FF probably not.

Take a look at Apache, it’s FOSS, and the most popular web server around.

Still it’s less hackable than IIS.

No its not. It is just less targetted. I was talking to an old professor of mine about this. People gun for MS because it is high profile. And you cannot compare browsers to servers. Like I said no ones grandmother has an apache server, and servers ususally find the hands of seasoned professionals. Browsers on the other hand find the way into the hands of the most unprofessional of unprofessional computer users. Which is why IE is a favorite target. More wide spread un-knowledgeable people have it.

Plenty of vulnerabilities -

I agree wholeheardtedly with what DDD and his old professor said…