Fireworks in Flash

I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this, but I will try anyway. I like to create my pop-up menus in Fireworks because it is a lot easier for me, but I can not seem to get them to import in my flash site. I can get the graphic to come over, but then there is action with them. I know that it creates a script, does that need to be imported to? I am sorry is this is a retarted question, but I was just curious. Thanks in advance for the help.


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I don’t think you can actually import a pop up menu system from Fireworks into Flash. You can do it into an HTML page obviously, but I think the principle is to have the functionality similar to Flash, but without the need for the plugin.

I reckon (but don’t quote me on this) that if you want a menu like that in Flash, you can make your graphics in Fireworks, but you’d have to use ActionScript to code it.

I figured that is what I had to do… I know I can expot in an html document, but I figured I would have to add the action script into the flash movie. Thanks a lot for the reply Kitiara :-).


Im sure (and if there isnt there SHOULD be) there is some component out there (if not more than one) which will let you easily create drop down menus similarly to those made in fireworks.

… and if you cant find one, I could probably make one up for you within a day or so.

i am new to this Forum but if you want to create a pop-up menu in Flash. here is the link to the tutorial.

It is very easy to follow.

Good luck.