Fireworks PNG to Flash conversion project

## Job Spec ##

This is a project for any Flash expert who is also familiar with Adobe Fireworks.

The objective is to convert a Fireworks PNG mockup to a fully vector Flash FLA. Specifically, with Fireworks I have designed a UI for a new desktop application. Now with Flash, my goal is to ‘bring it to life’ by making the UI interactive.

Your job is to simply import the Fireworks graphics to Flash so that everything is in place. The process will also involve organizing layers and the library so that everything in the Flash file is nice and tidy. There may also be a number of elements you must re-create in Flash, to ensure everything is vector (and not bitmap).

If you are skilled in Flash and also familiar with Fireworks, I encourage you to contact me via admin [at] mindfolder dot com right now so we can get started.

By the way, this project represents a unique opportunity for a profitable, long-term working relationship. I am in the early stages of building this product and plan to launch initially on the Adobe AIR platform. So Flash/AS3 will be an important part of the product strategy - and so if you do quality work you will be in a nice position to receive ALL my Flash related jobs. This could be an incredible advantage for you. The business I am creating here is exciting and as early partner I would love to share my success with you.

Send me a message to admin [at] mindfolder dot com if you’re interested. I look forward to working with you.

## Timeframe ##
Would like this completed within 5 days.

## Budget ##
PM me for details on budget.

With your email, please indicate when you are ready to get started and a link to your portfolio.

Derrick Schwabe
Designer @Mindfolder