Fireworks to Flash MX problem

I’ve started trying to copy what i make in Fireworks MX to Flash MX but when i try to send multiple selections into Flash the program blurs and instead of making it seem better it blurs it wrong so the pics don’t look right. I have a piece of my work so you can see what i mean. you will have to zoom in to see what i mean. On the right side and in other places it looks bad. Plus if you publish it you can see that it also gets distorted on the left side. If you double click on the picture you can see that it is made of many other pictures but i need it that way. So if anyone knows how to make it so Flash doesn’t blur , but intead pixelizes everything orhelps to solve this problem.

i didn’t look at your fla, but i would try saving the files as .png and importing into flash. i would also goto publish settings in flash and raise your jpeg quality to 100%.

my bro told me to do the same thing didn’t help

can you upload your png file?

if u see in my png it is many pictures put together and i need it that way. open it as a .png i had to change it so it would work

ok, i got it to work. i have also had this problem before. first, in fireworks, resize your canvas to 52x102. i don’t know why exactly, but this works. it might not work for a png, but since you’re using pixelated edges, you can export a gif with fireworks and then import it into flash. i got the gif to work.

thx ill try it

how do i make it into a GIF

I had a similar problem, I made the Fireworks tutorial for the OSX style buttons, but when I exportas a gif, without size reduction, the edges get jagged and the look is lost. I think it has something to do with export settings, but I am new to Fireworks. I will try to show a screencap later. Thanks for suggestions.

how do i make a gif then?

test Signiture

in fireworks, use export to make a gif.