First actionscript game, need insight on code structure

Hello there,

I’ve been busy with the development of a game the last few days, it isn’t that interesting to play, but it was a good exercise for me to get more insight on some parts of actionscript I was unfamiliar with. It’s basicly a sort of tamagochi game with a fish pet. To use the tools you must click and drag them from the menu.

I was hoping to get some feedback, not on the actual game experience, but more on the way my code is structured in .fla. It seems like an entire mess with all the code in one frame. Would there be a way to make the code more effeciant, by putting every part in a seperate .as for example?

There are some parts that I can’t get to work aswell, when the “happyness” var reaches 0, the second frame with a text should play, but all the events from the first frame are still playing, which causes alot of errors.
I’m trying to create a color picker to change the color of the fish, but I’m having some trouble with that aswell, in fish1.fla nothing happends, and in fish2.fla the fish colour changes but the animation don’t play.

The files are available here:

Help and crictic would be appreciated alot.