First Car Wreck

Sup everybody, i’ve been coming to kirupa for a few months now, and someone told me that Phil is a L33t Haxorman :evil: and they also told me that he sends viruses to all guest, so i decided that becoming a member would be a good idea:thumb: .
But seriously, after 4 years of putting it off, i finally got my license Oct 28 of last year. And Dec 11 of last year i got into my 1st car wreck. When i first received my license, i was telling my girlfriend about how i’ll be the perfect driver and never get into an accident. And the ironic thing about it is that we was actually on our way to the spa coming from CHURCH:huh: . I couldn’t believe it. We didn’t get hurt, nor did the other guy, but when the cops came he acted like he was just hit by a extra large schhol bus:m: . SO now i have no car, school is about to start, and i was in the process of trying to find a job, but with no wheels that will be kinda difficult. What about you guys? guys remember your first accident?