First Ever Flash Animations?

Well, i know Upu said he was looking for his. So I decided I wanted to show you all mine. It was done with MCs and Motions guides. Now I know how to do that pretty much w/ actionscripting and dam that would have been soooo much easier…lol. I think you all should show your early animations. I just thought it would be fun to see how far all of us have progressed…

<embed src=“” height=250 width=250></embed>

This is a ball with shadow…impressed? I was when I made it heheh!

It’s hard to remember my first Flash movie. The Director one is what I really consider my first though. I started on that program, couldn’t understand anything about how it worked, but none the less put together an animated christmass card. When Flash 4.0 came out my fiance convinced me to give that a try. She’d encountered 3.0 on a number of assignments and thought that it was a little more my “angle”.

I’m in the middle of a few things but I took some time to look at that old animation. I’m thinking that I might be able to import directly into Flash MX, but I’m not sure yet.

That’s mine :smiley:
pom 0]

My first flash animations is probably so poor, that I deleted it many months ago… I would be embarased to put it up for the world to see. hell i would probably be embarased to put my ne @#%$ up :slight_smile:


thats mine. Im still werking on movement. cant figure it out. But someday soon I shall overtake stickdeath and shall rule the world…


haha yes stick death. must say, if you are drunk or stoned, you have to check out that site… it’s a riot when you are messed up :slight_smile:
but then again… I am sure that I could find Microsofts site funny too… :-/

Well this is my first real Flash animation. I did this with Flash 4.0, importing some things from director. I had tried to do it in that program first. Ugggg.
Anyway here it is. I added a preloader, and removed the photoalbum from the project. It was meant for a CD and was far too large to really put up on the web as it was in it’s origional form.…tXMass.swf

For other early works of Upuaut, I’ve made an html link doc for you. You can see them here.…mples.html

Wow Upu…That was awsome! Sure beats by BALL! My favorite part was the dog breaking thru the glass.!
Very nice! :slight_smile:

Here’s the one of the animations that I have a link to:…

Courtesy of the Wayback machine:*/htt…


thanks Z~… :slight_smile:

For the most part, I don’t buy for a second that those were litterally your 100% first animations.

I think my first was some silly kung-fu fight between Final Fantasy sprites. I know, I hate those thingies too. I was just curious how hard it was. The answer? Really, really @#%$ easy.

This was the first final production of anything, which is what I said… I don’t have the first bouncing ball I made, or the first attempt at tweening. Do check out my animation though, it’s piss poor. I think that I had Flash 4.0 for a month when I completed that piece.

Yeah, I crack out when I remember what I did the first time I got Flash 3. I didn’t even know what it was, I didn’t know what keyframes are… They looked scary…

I remember I drew this poor dood who supposed to walk to a machine, press a button (in hope to get somethin) and instead falls into a hole that opens beneath him, then some other dood comes, presses another button and gets what he wanted…

The absurd thing about it is that I made it scene-by-scene…
Basicaly the same as frame-by-frame with a lot of copy-paste, but with scenes… Remember what I said that I was afraid of keyframes?

When I think of it now… It wasn’t funny… But I enjoy recalling it… hehehe…

When we come to the question of how I progressed… Beats me, not much I guess because I’m not “a master” but you can judge by yourself if you go2 my site… Oh, look for “****ation”.

ouch… that’s hilarious… I’m sure we’ve all had little skirts with disaster like that.

I also wanted to add to my defence above:
The only reason I think I did as well as I did was my prior animation experience with super8 cameras and other such things. Keyframes always made a lot of sense to me. I also had an old program on my 8088 called Disney animation studio, which had keyframes and onion skinning. So I had that backing me too. Director started to give me ideas about how imported media worked with each other including sound /w animation. 15 years of experience led up to that Christmass card.
In light of that, I’d say I did pretty crappy. :slight_smile:

If you want to talk about my first animation then that would have to be a series of 30 second super8 reel films. I made them with that oily clay (same stuff gumby was made of… anyone know gumby?), and legos when I was 8 or 9. It was really three parts of a battle scene in which the two clay figures dismantaled each other with toothpick swords.

wow Mr. Peabody, how this site has changed;

the dog was the highlight.

I am afraid to post my wayback machine as, well, mine sucked more than anyone elses…so there!


upuaut -
I was 10 years old when I did this animation and it was my first ever animation made using a computer program. I didn’t know English very well then either, so you should understand my difficulties…

:slight_smile: . I wasn’t laughing at you… I was laughing with you.

I know just what that’s like my friend.

Nice kickass site! Wow, first one hunh? Well, don’t ask to see mine, I definately won’t show it to you…Great 1st site.


It’s not my FIRST site… here’s the link to my first ever built site, note that the images are taken from a template…

Pretty poor huh? It’s not in Flash anyhow…

Oh and upu - I didn’t say you laughed at me, I just wanted to clerify myself because I think it’s wrong to compare me with you… I’m a lot younger you see…