First Games You Ever Played?

Hey everyone,
I noticed there are a good number of us who have been gamers for a long time. So, what were some of the first games you all played? If you want, post a small screenshot of the game also. It’s always nice to see 16 color games :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :ro:

lol I clearly remember playing Lemmings on the Megadrive, can you believe that thing cost near 600 dollars? I think… Cannot remember and was only 10 bit too. With the Megadrive you would receive a 6 pack including;
-Streets of Rage
-Revenge Of Shinobi
-Racing game which I’ve forgotten
-3 other games faded from memory

lol I remember playing Jazz as well.

I remember playing an old bbs game through telix called “Trade Wars” that was based off of Star Trek. It was something like x amount of turns per day, and you’d travel around, trading resources to get new ships and whatnot. I remember there were a few buggy things that weren’t supposed to happen, like someone had blown up all the starbases (or stations? can’t remember what they were specifically called) in the game, and my dad had beaten the ferengi (completely wiped them out). Almost everyone in my family played that game, and we owned a planet and had around 11 billion credits.

There were a few games for the commadore 64 that I had played but can’t remember the name of - one was a jeep game where you’d have to avoid potholes and you’d have a gun on the back of the jeep (can’t remember if the game had a goal or not). Another was some helicopter game, like a really old version of desert strike.

I also remember playing lander on the commadore 20. I was a big fan of the doom series, along with wolfenstein, lethal tender, and some of the other old fps games.

Commander Keen was one of my first too, what an awesome game! i still have it on my computer. Before that, there was this game called “Dark Ages” that i used to play when my family got our first computer. Just another side scroller with atari like graphics, i doubt anybody remembers it. There was also this game called Intergalactic Battles, or IGB, where you were just a little 4x4 pixel “spaceship” on the screen and you had a command menu where you would choose if you moved or shot at the enemy. Everything was based off of things on star trek. It was actually a pretty good game, my friend and I played it a lot.


Me and my neighbor used to play that on Atari for whole days at a time. You could change the physics to make the bullets bounce off wals to hit eachother.

Classic. Just classic.

I think my fist game I ever played was in Kindergarten Circa 1984-1985 and It was asteroids on some old arse apple.

I remember getting put on a time out because I refused to let anyone else play. Since that day I have been an addict.

My brother and I used to play that game like mad! Those tanks moved so slow so you had to be careful not to leave yourself in the open for long…

What memories… :love:

And then Colossal Cave on a CP/M machine.


My first was Breakout on Atari 2600. =)

Elite = 2 years of my life

Circa I use to play that game with my friend all the time, he had the electric spork and the goo guys made weird scream noises! haha good times with that game:chinaman:

hahahahahaha ya dude. i miss it…

Check out this pic circa…ya i know your likin it!

hahahahha tuna omg brings back those memories. i reember childhood. haha ncie find