First portfolio site

Just launched first portfolio site, Inspiration came from my experiences with basketball and design, plus the need for a more challenging position.

Look forward to hearing some thoughts and comments.

Wow - that is a great job CB. I love the colors as much as I though brown and black would never work out on sites. That looks great. Navigation was easy to find, graphics in order…I can’t find one mistake in this :).

Great Job,

Look nice. Good job.

love it-

I remember when you posted the layout for this. :slight_smile:

yes good to see it further developed. I think that main image area is perfect for a little flash. You can contine that old film reel style and maybe animate the play sheet on the left.

Nicely done.

Very nice i like the way you make the arrows and the colours and loads of stuff
Great site :smiley:

I too also remember the layout. It’s nice to see it working.

I like this site, what I like about it the most is that it’s all HTML and it still looks sexy, don’t see many of those anymore. Everything flows well together, colors, layout, all very nice. Font usage is real good, nice clean and SIMPLE fonts, no ugly glamorized ones.

I think the way you show the score up top to futher emphasize your name is brillant.

Logo is nice it has a very And1ish feel to it.

The only question/comment I have is, why does your top image only change once when you click on the statistics page?

What’s the concept behind your name?

Thanx alot for posting this :slight_smile: GJ

Looks good!:slight_smile: Hate it whan the entire page reloads when hitting a link though… brr.