Firsth IDEA

i’m working on this, is a very simple work, for some formal people!..
give me your opinion!.. about the desing…


<a href=></a>

i like it. design is good.:slight_smile:

It’s nice Joss, but it’s too bad that the picture is so pixelated. Put up a few more kb and make this look beautiful !!
pom 0]

Ooo, now THAT’s cool. I think this is the best I’ve seen from you yet, Joss, and you’ve got a lot of really good stuff.

It does look really good, but i have to agree with ilyas, seems a bit …‘dirty’…? with those pixelated D-borders…
And furthermore I wouldn’t bring the alpha all the way down to 0, if you get the page loaded just in the sec it’s all white might look weird, keep it ever so slightly visible…IMHO

WOW JOSS!!! (Bubbles btw, nice to “meet” ya)
I really hope this is not your first project cuz if it is Ill be seriously upset … and jealous!!!
i like the sounds, especially the button sounds… sounds like they are spoken or something!
The only thing is that I have to scroll all the way down to view the whole page… i am running at a lower screen resolution, at 800X600. I dunno, that’s the only thing I can think of, perhaps if you did’t have to scroll down it would be even more perfect… but great job!!!

… so jealous :frowning:

i let the proget, for some time, (they are travel in)… but
tanks, for your opinion, is very inportan!