Fixed Width Accordian Style Menu...HELP!


this is my first posting here on although I have found it to be an invaluable resource for my growth as a Flash designer, and am indebtted to the whole community for their spirit and willingness to share knowledge.

So here is my quandry; I am attempting to develop a fixed width menu consisting of 8 horizontally aligned, evenly sized buttons (actually MC’s at this point). Each button is a black and white image slice that ,upon rollover, I want to fade into color and then expand to it’s full size, while at the same time the other buttons shrink in relation to the fixed width of the movie and the growth of the “on” button.

So far I have been able to come up with the trasitions for the individual buttons, but have not been able to connect them in this cause/effect relationship.

I have had some help with getting set in the right direction with actionscripting, eg. “get width”, “get x”, and “grow/shrink”, but as of yet have been unable to tie all of the threads together.

I feel like this is a lot to ask for but would greatly appreciate and help available be, it tutorials or any other means to learn this technique.

Thanks in advance!