[FL8 + PHP + MySQL] Adding/Deleting/Viewing Content from MySQL db

So… Viewing isn’t actually the issue here, I just added it to make it a full triangle :smiley: . I’m doing that with a PHP that writes the contents of the dB in XML syntax.

But, to make it clear, I am trying to develop an application that communicates with a MySQL database, via PHP. And you have the option to add/delete fields, but also in the Flash application.

I found some source at the gotoAndLearn forums, but it simply would not work! I am uploading a zip of the files. The main problem with this is that when I am adding something, the dB gets filled with blanks. This boggles my mind. Not being a big PHP knower (not knowing anything, really), my suggestion is that the variables don’t get sent properly. But then again…

Some help with this please? I’m in a kind of a tight spot here, so some help would be really in handy!