FLA Blowin Up

Why would my FLA file be so freakin huge all of a sudden. I thought it might the song loops I imported or some graphics…but I made a copy and deleted all that and it is still huge 12MB. There is not much going on here…just basically a container with some navigation. I need to upload to this site so peops can look at it. But I cant because it is to freakin huge…Please help reduce FLA Size…consuming my computer…lol

mainly nething you import in the fla file adds up to the file size.
Other than that, compressing it will reduce it further but in your case, there must be something wrong…

do you have a shape tween or anything like that? sometimes if you try to get a complex shape to do a shape tween into another complex shape, it makes so many points between them that the file size gets HUGE and the CPU bogs down at 100% usage. be careful of stuff like that.


but in your case, there must be something wrong…

What are some of the possibilities? I can publish just fine. I can open just fine. The swf is still small? Any ideas?

Select all the frames of your file. Open a new document and paste the frames into this new file. Now save it and you might notice some reduction on the file size.

That did it…12Mb to 168 kb nice…Sometimes the obvious just aint so obvious…you know…


now for future reference, do you mean copy all frames in the whole document including any movie clips? or what? how would you copy all frames in the whole file?

I just opened my main movie…scene 1 selected all the frames copied them to the clip board then open a new fla set the movie size to the same…selected the first frame and pasted them in…worked like a charm…as far as I can tell…:ne:

I was also wondering about importing…If you import sound loops wont that increase the size of your fla…it has to take up space…The reason I wonder is because after I copied all my files to the new fla…I have no sound loops…I’m ascared to import due to file size…so…does importing increase fla size?

tyrpotix: delete everything you don’t want and then Save As

MXN: yes, that increases your filesize, better to load them