.fla included - moving obj

Hi all!!!

My problem:

  1. How do you change variable value by pressing a button??!!
    I’m attaching .fla file so you’ll be able to understand my problem.

  2. How do I display date, time continiusly??
    If I use mydate = NewDate() etc. flash returns me the time when movie started and clock doesn’t clock anymore!!!


Thank you!

I think what you need is (even though I’ve only glanced at the fla - so I’m probably wrong)

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {

You are trying to increase the variable speed by 1 each time I take it.

Also remove the //comments from the [COLOR=blue]onClipEvent (load)[/COLOR] handler.

Here’s your fla.

Sorry, that was the wrong one…

Try this one…

Thanks a lot FLEX!!!

Now I’ve learned that I must _root.object … bla bla
And also _root.onEnterFrame = function { … }
it’s suitable for date and moving objects ( statementwith for objects)